Happy new year!!!!

Hii everyone!!

I hope you are having a wonderful day to celebrate the wonderful 2022 ahead!!!

I made a 2022 cake for my family but I also got an order for a new year cake..

Both are vanilla except the one for us has vanilla custard as well.

Since I already have the recipes on my blog, I thought I will just share pictures and wish your guys❤.

This is the one for my order:

I made the written work with white chocolate and painted them with golden leaf. The leaves are also the same but painted with silver dust.

I wanted to do an all white design for ours and here is how it turned out:

I hope you guys liked it and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Question of the day!

What are you doing for new year’s?


28 thoughts on “Happy new year!!!!

  1. Hehe, My Wife Was Standing by me

    Looking At the Lovely Cake You Make

    For 2022 Dear Little Chef Aarushi

    She Was Brushing Her Teeth

    And Said Your Cake is
    the Most Beautiful one

    And Then i Asked Her Do
    You Think Those Are Real

    Ornamental Beads on the Cake and
    She Said No Silly That is Candy You Can Eat…

    True i Have to Ask my
    Wife So many Common
    Sense Questions like that

    In Fact We Tried to Take the
    Little Christmas Tree We Bought
    Out of the Holder And We Couldn’t
    Figure it out So We Had to Call Our

    Next Door Neighbor And SHE Brought
    Some Long Handled Loppers Over and

    Cut it For Us As She Had the Same Kind
    of Tree And Assured my Wife i Wasn’t too

    Dumb to Figure it out As She Couldn’t Either
    Hehe and Her Career Was Jet Aircraft Mechanic

    For the Navy And She Still Has A Tool Kit Bigger
    Than Any Man in the Neighborhood HAha…

    Anyway This Explains Again Why i Have
    to Show All your Recipes to my Wife First

    To See if They Are Even Possible
    to Make at Home With SMiLes

    Oh My Gosh! i Can
    Taste Your

    Delicious Cake! Through
    Your Pictures Yet my Wife
    Says i’ve Eaten too Much Desserts
    Over the Holidays So All i Get Is
    Black Eyed Peas With Ham And
    Collard Greens With Cornbread
    Jalapeno Muffins to Make A Treat

    That is No Dessert Yet i Snuck my
    Hand in the Big Candy Dish on the
    Shelf And Helped Myself to some
    Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Five Of ’em i Sure Did!

    Happy New Year 2022 Little Chef Keep it Cooking Great!


      1. Hehe i read the
        Part About
        Easy to Make
        To My Wife And
        She Just Shook

        Her Head
        With Little
        Trust About
        me Even Baking

        A Potato in The
        Microwave Hehe


        Bet i
        Cake 🎂 With SMiles🙌☺️

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  2. Anita and I sat up “late” for us, till 9:00pm and watched the New Years Celebrations around the world. Much safer than being in big crowds and we could control the volume of the fireworks. Guess we’re getting spoiled in our old age!
    Happy New Year to you, my young friend, and blessings for your family.
    P.S. If you want to send us a cake, we’ll watch for the DHL delivery! 😂
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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