Cooking tip series #2

Hi everyone! Here is the second tip for your daily cooking:

When sautéing onions or garlic, or anything in oil in order to cook it, sometimes, alot of drops fall out and the oil starts to boil vigorously. This happens alot and is completely normal. But in order to prevent it and cause less mess, sprinkle some salt into this while on the stove. This would work like magic!!

Question of the day!!

If you were to try new cuisines and critique them, what would you try first?


9 thoughts on “Cooking tip series #2

  1. Been wondering what the Little Chef has been up to, in that I have not seen any recipes or blogs lately. Glad to see you’re back at it. Looking forward to more good cookin’ when you get the opportunity! 😉

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  2. Oh i Love Onions Sautéed
    i’ll pass the Tip of Adding
    Salt to prevent them From
    Boiling Over in the Pan to my Wife…

    Hehe, the Only Place i See New Recipes

    is on Word Press Passing them on to my

    Wife as She Will Not Allow Me to Get in her
    Domain of Kitchen Yet She is Constantly Watching

    Cooking Shows
    And Taking


    And Making

    New Kinds of Meals As

    i Surely Don’t Mind Always

    Being Her Guinea Pig Yes

    Experimental Subject to

    Try Her New Found

    Cuisines on


    Aarushi Hehe as
    She’s Always Welcome
    To Explore Them on me..:)

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