Homemade creamy chocolate ice cream!

Hi everyone! Eating ice cream on a hot summer day is how I love my it.

This is a very easy recipe and you can make it with ingredients readily available.

starting off with the recipe,


1 cup milk

1/3 cup milk

3 tbsp sugar

4 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tbsp cornflour

1/4 cup condensed milk

1/4 cup chopped dark chocolate

1 cup dairy whipping cream

1/4 cup chocolate chips


First add the 1 cup milk to a pan and let it come to a boil.

In another bowl, add the 1/3 cup milk, cornflour, cocoa powder and sugar.

Give it a good mix and add it to the boiling milk. Add the condensed milk and chocolate to this.

The consistency should not be too thin or too thick as it would thicken after cooling too.

Add the cream to a bowl with an ice bath underneath it. I personally feel that if you use dairy cream instead of non dairy, then it would be preservative free. Non dairy creams are meant for retail use. However if you plan on selling ice creams, non dairy would be perfect.

Whip it until stiff peaks come on high speed. Add the cooled down mixture prepared earlier along with chocolate chips.

Mix it well and add it to an aluminum container. Make sure that you don’t use glass.

Cover with foil and freeze for 16-20 hours. Once done, serve with a sprinkle of chocolate chips!

I hope you guys liked this recipe and let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you would like a video recipe , it is uploaded on my Instagram page!


Question of the day!

I love eating ice cream on a hot summer day to make it wonderful! What is your way of having fun on a summer day?


21 thoughts on “Homemade creamy chocolate ice cream!

  1. As easy as a “Little Chef” makes this look, I’ll stick with letting Crank & Boom, a local creamery make the many flavors of ice cream at ehi ho they are already experts.
    For a hot summer day, what I enjoy most is ANY room with air conditioners running! 😂

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  2. SMiLes i Just Had Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
    Before i came here Aarushi i Implored my
    Wife for Some Kind of Fudge Additive

    Yet She Said i’d
    Have to Settle
    For the Vanilla
    Bean So i Said
    What i Always Do
    to Survive hehe Yes Dear…

    Other Than That All Seasons
    Winter Fall Summer Spring Always
    Dance And Song Free For me Just
    Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Practically Always Now…

    Anyway i’ll Show My Wife Your Recipe in Hopes that
    She Will At Least Break Out Some Fudge for the Vanilla Bean Tomorrow..:)


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