LITTLE CHEF’S APRON on Instagram!!

Hi guys!!! I am really excited for this as I have been collecting pictures and videos for posts and reels for quite some time now. I really hope you guys like them and give me your suggestions!

This page is mostly about food styling, setting up the scene for photography and food photography . It also has some recipes in it.

If you guys like my posts, and their ideas, do follow for more content and comment your suggestions! If you want you can leave it down here too..

Do share it and if interested in collaborations, let me know!

Here is the link for my Instagram page:

That is it for today and see you in a few days.

Question of the day!

If you had to showcase any talent of yours, anything that you love to do, what would you choose? Also, if you are already showcasing it somewhere, what is it?


28 thoughts on “LITTLE CHEF’S APRON on Instagram!!

  1. Hi Aarushi, long time no talk. The answer to your question is that I love shezwan chutney with French fries, of course. And I noticed one more thing, that we have launched out our Series by just a gap of 1 day and that sounds interesting. You remember that happened with our first series on the blog, that you posted your first post of the series and I did the next.

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