Vacation series: episode#6 : Making my very first order!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! Yesterday was a very exciting day for me.

My mom’s friend gave my very first order! I hadn’t planned that I would sell anything I bake but it seemed like a nice idea when I was preparing yesterday. I had to make 6 frosted chocolate cupcakes.

It was very fun and a new experience for me. My sister had also played a very creative role here. She made a very cute packaging for the cupcakes .

Here is a brief recipe of the cupcakes:

First, I added the curd, sugar, vanilla and oil to a bowl and whisked it well.

Then, I added baking powder and soda to the curd and mixed it. It became frothy and this would help to rise the cupcakes well.

Then I added flour and cocoa powder through a sieve and mixed it with he wet ingredients.

I added milk as required to make a flowy batter. then, I filled 3/4 th of each line tin a muffin tray with the batter and baked it in a pre heated oven at 170 *C for 20 minutes.

As it is lockdown time, I couldn’t get non dairy whipping cream so I used whipping cream powder. It whipped perfectly and I had to mix it white some milk and then whip. I added some cocoa powder to this as well.

After the cupcakes were completely cooled down, I piped out the cream with a star nozzle and sprinkled with pearls, chocolate chips and silver balls.

Here is my cupcake recipe with full measurements:

After this, it was fascinating to see how my sister’s package worked just how we wanted it to. Here is how she prepared it:

Do check out her art page on Instagram too! Her artwork looks very realistic and do follow if you like her page😊

Here are the pics for my final cupcakes:

Question of the day:

If you had a chance to give me an order for anything to eat, what would you ask me to make for you?

I hope you guys liked this recipe and do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Cupcake making workshop:

I am conducting a cupcake making workshop for the first time! It is in a couple of days, and if you are interested, just contact the number in the poster 🙂


92 thoughts on “Vacation series: episode#6 : Making my very first order!

  1. Oh my god!!! Those cupcakes look better than the bakery’s!!!

    So now the ans wer to your question.
    If I had a chance to give you an order for anything to eat, I would probably prefer something wih chocolate. I m a big fan of chocolate.

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

    Or something with some chatpata Indie taste… Oh what a foodie I am!!!!

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        1. It’s a little far to think but as of now, I am interested din culinary arts. Yes. I have tried guitar once, but it didn’t go great for me and I left it soon😂
          How about you?


          1. Oh I love playing guitar! (It is also very interesting how I got to it, but that’s a story for some other day.)I would like to do something like with softwares and stuff or music or media editing…

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  2. Wow Aarushi!
    Those cupcakes looks super yummm!
    I’m definitely gonna try this recipe & give you an update of how it turned out. I’d one question. Which whipping cream powder do you use? Can you please tell me the company name or give me an idea about it?
    Well, answering to your question, I’ll ask you to make chocolates for me<3
    Keep baking & bringing these amazing recipies to us!
    Lots of love ❤


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Jahnvi! Sure, that would be amazing! I use weikfield whipping cream powder. It is amazing and tastes really good. So, I would totally recommend it. Chocolates! Chocolates! Yummy 😋😋
      Thank you for your love❤️
      My workshop would be a detailed version of these cupcakes but with ganache. Let me know if you are interested😊

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      1. Wowww!! It was really looking delicious dear aarushi. 😊💖💖 And the answer for your question is I will ask you to make a cake for me.. i love cakes,chocolates etc..😊❣❣

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  3. Still waiting for WP to install a LOVE button! ❤️
    When can you deliver a dozen cupcakes to Lexington, KY, USA? 😁
    Praying earnestly for India!! Please stay safe, lil’ chef, and your family, also.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww, this is really sweet😊
      Just when international flights open, I will deliver them right away. Butter scotch cupcakes right?😂
      Thank you so much for your prayers and I have a strong faith that things will be perfect everywhere by June. You stay safe too and are things getting better over there?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lexington was never a big hot-spot. Only had a few thousand cases and less than 400 deaths, most of which were due to co-morbidities or very old age, even older than ME!
        New cases are WAY down, like only 40 new ones yesterday. Very few dying from it now.
        Keeping you and your family in my prayers that you will be free from suffering this disease. Be safe, my young friend! 😊
        And, yes, butterscotch! 😁

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  4. Keep on baking, as those cupcakes look stunning.

    I’m a huge fan of things with peanut butter and banana in them, but I don’t have many recipes with the two ingredients together in the same thing.

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    Par ce message positif et amical je te souhaite une bonne semaine mon ami(e). Quoi que tu vives, quoi que tu fasses, dans chaque moment il se cache une raison d’être heureux ? MERCI DE TON PASSAGE belle journée bisous

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  6. Wow Aarushi! I’m pleased with your work! Congratulations on getting your very first order.

    Let me answer your question now
    If I had to place an order from you I would refer something with dark chocolate or chicken.

    And yeah.. Your mini decorations look delicious and presentable than the ones served in fancy bakeries.

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