Vacation series: episode # 5: Hosting my first online baking workshop!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! I am very excited for this post since this is my first baking workshop!

I am giving the details in this post for joining in and it’s open to all above age 10.



I will be making chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting. And I will explain about vanilla cupcakes too. I will tell some tips and tricks and a few things that don’t actually work while baking.

We will talk about replacements of ingredients and the storage of cupcakes. I will answer your doubts and questions as well.


It will be conducted on 19 May:

3:00 PM to 4:30 PM ( Indian standard time)

NOTE: If the time doesn’t match or you are not free during that time, you can watch the recording that will be sent after the session and ask me any questions you have through WhatsApp.


The meeting will be conducted through Zoom meeting app.


The fee for the meeting is ₹ 99. You can pay it via google pay to the number given in the poster. Before paying, you can contact the number as well.

When you pay, you will be added to the group with all the people attending the workshop on WhatsApp. If you don’t have it, then you can contact me through gmail and then pay to the number. Here is my mail ID:

I hope you guys liked this idea and do let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you want to join and attend the workshop, just reach out to the number given in the poster above! Hope to hear from you soon and bye until next time…

Do share it with your friends and family or anyone who enjoys baking..


17 thoughts on “Vacation series: episode # 5: Hosting my first online baking workshop!

    1. I totally understand 😊😊. But I’ve got a solution! The meeting will be recorded and the recording will stay with anyone who attends for lifetime. And questions can be asked personally:)
      If you are interested, let me know 😊

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      1. Thank you! And I have no idea what just happened but it said that I was not following you anymore! It must have been a sort of glitch, but I think I got it fixed. Sorry if that caused any confusion! 🙂

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