500 SPECIAL!!!

Welcome to Little Chef’s celebration!!!
I am so happy to write this as I would have never expected this to happen when I wrote my first post on this blog.

Little Chef’s Apron just hit 500 followers!!!! I got so many amazing comments here and a lot of likes. I am glad to know that you are enjoying the content I share. As you already know, your feedback matters a lot. If you have any suggestions regarding my blog and posts, let me know in the comments.

I wanted to do something special for 500. So, I decided to do a feast for me and my family that I would make on my own. My dad cut the vegetables for me and that was a huge help. I decided that each dish I would make would be of a completely distinct cuisine. Here are the things I made:

i)Mashed potato stuffed crepes (innovation of French cuisine)
ii) Pink sauce pasta (Italian cuisine)
iii) Fried rice in a glass (Chinese cuisine)
iv) Kesar peda (Indian cuisine)
v) For drinking- it was a plain glass of 7up (aerated drink)

Mashed potato stuffed crepes

For mashed potatoes stuffed crepes, I prepared the crepes with the mixture of all purpose flour and wheat flour, milk , water and salt. For the mashed potatoes, I added seasonings to mashed, boiled potatoes and cooked it with butter and milk. After putting the potatoes inside the crepes, and rolling them, it was ready!

Pink sauce pasta

For pink sauce pasta, I first boiled the pasta, made a white sauce (alfredo). I made it by cooking together butter, flour and milk. Then, I added a tsp of pasta sauce in it. My original thought was to chill this pasta, add some veggies and serve it as a salad. But, after I tasted it, it tasted better hot.

Fried rice in a glass

For the Chinese appetizer, I boiled the rice first, added vegetables and some sauces. Then, in another pan after sautéing cabbage, garlic and onions, I added sauces and cooked them with cornflour slurry to get a runny sauce. Then, I layered them in dessert glasses to create a contrast.

Kesar peda

For the kesar peda which is a well known Indian dessert, I made it by roasting mashed mawa or
khoya with some ghee or clarified butter. Then I let it to cool for 5-10 minutes and then added the
nuts, flavoring and sugar. Then, I shaped it into the peda shape and placed it in the plate.

Presentation and decor

I wanted to keep the décor simple but fancy at the same time. I used white vase as a center that was made by my mom. Then, there were fragrant candles with a scent of Turkish vanilla. To keep it very
fancy, I had taken a wooden tray just for forks and spoons. I also made a ribbon like shape out of a simple tissue paper. I also used wine glasses for an aerated drink. Here are the final pictures:

I hope you enjoyed it and do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Question of the day!

If you had to attend a feast right now, where everything is laid out like this, what dishes would you
choose to eat? All dessert, all savory, or same cuisines etc. What would it be?


129 thoughts on “500 SPECIAL!!!

    1. Hey! I wanted to ask from your blog post, do you have your comment section open? Since you said that one of the people used to give your posts sweet comments. And also, congratttssss on 200! You deserve many more to come💖💖💖

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      1. Hey! Oh no, she used to write comments on her website. Like maybe I wrote something about her blog and then later when she wrote my post, she used to come back to a same post, and talk there. She bookmarked on post

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          1. I know but, you see, once when I had like what 9 followers, some random guy commented something really inappropriate. So yeah. I just can’t switch them on again. Even if, it’s safe but, I just can’t!
            But Aarushi, I have an idea. What I do with some of my blogger friends, is I go to one of there posts, and then they bookmark it. Whenever you want to say something you can their 🖤✨

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  1. Congratulationssss on 500, Aarushi – here’s to many more!💛
    Oh my my, that feast looks so tasty.
    The answer to today’s question – I wouldn’t go to ALL dessert or ALL savoury, but a feast having everything to melt my mouth is more than enough!😂

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  2. Congrats on 500 Followers
    Aarushi Will Continue to Forward
    Your Wonderful Recipes to my Wife

    This Layout Looks

    Great For Fine


    My Wife’s

    Instructions Stay out
    of the Kitchen That Is
    Her Place of Artistic Creating

    Mine is Restricted to this Keyboard
    of Song And Feet of Dance Generally

    Speaking Every Meal Is A Surprise

    Truly i Never Complain i do Believe Tacos Are Next
    Only Because i See The Shells From A Distance to the Kitchen Now..:)

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  3. Hey many many congratulation ! keep it up you are doing very good job. And your fist look really amazing. And my answers to your questions If I want attend feast first thing I eat is some fried thing.

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  4. One of the keys to an appealing eating experience retains to ambience as equally important as the food. My question would be with food from different cultures you concocted in this meal, how would you similarly blend these cultures into a diverse setting to serve them?

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    1. Well, In my family, my mom and sister are the decorators…. But if I were ever to do so, I would choose the plates accordingly that are used in these cultures. Even the flower pots, or the mats, would have a representation of the cultures. And, the food presentation on the plate would be like the particular cuisine.


        1. I agree, well, in south India, people eat with their hands(even the rice)
          They have everything laid out in small quantities on a palm leaf, it is a traditional way of eating. If there would have been something like that, then the whole eating style would have changed. Spoons would not have been placed and the choice of dishes would have been done accordingly. 😃💖


    1. Thanks !well, mawa is the same thing as khoya which is the solid part left after milk is evaporated. The way condensed milk is made but it’s evaporated for longer. It is a very common ingredient in Indian sweets😃❤️

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  5. Congratulations on five hundred subscribers! That’s so many! And, wow, that table spread looks so incredible. I’m really stunned how you can cook cuisine from around the world and present it all so well. You have immense skill for one so young.

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