Welcome to Little Chef’s break! Today we will be doing something different. No recipes, no process pictures today. We are only going to find the ingredients for the next post! If you have a curiosity in your mind, keep reading!

READ UNTIL THE END OF THE POST to know what we will be talking about! Today is about what you want and wish for and not about any of my recipes…

I want to know what you guys, my blog’s readers wish for. I want to know , what is it that you would like on my blog and how you are entertained.

So basically this is like a feedback post where I ask for your honest feedback about what I am doing and how I am presenting in my blog.

Here is a list of ideas that might help you come up with a feedback.

  • Do you want my blog to have just detailed photo content?
  • Do you want only video content?
  • Do you want audio content?
  • Do you want only written content?
  • Do you want less or more words in a post?
  • Do you want more detailed explanation?
  • Do you want paid email newsletters for extra content?

I hope this helped. Comments are completely encouraged and I would really appreciate you telling me your honest feedback! Let me know whatever you think, any suggestions, requests or ideas. I am open to everything😀

Do forward it so I could get as many opinions as possible! thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “LET US NOT COOK TODAY…..

  1. Hi Aarushi, this was a wonderful idea! I love the written content! But I love seeing pictures the most! All of the food looks so delicious and tempting in pictures. I think the explanation detail is plenty! 😀😀

    I’m not quite sure what you mean about the last bullet point…? Any who, I hope this helps. I’m super excited to see your next food creation! 😀✨🌟

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    1. Thank you Tanvi! Thanks so much for your reply….. I definitely will do… by the last bullet point I mean, if anyone wants, they could subscribe through email to a newsletter( which I haven’t done yet) they could pay to get special content through email. See you around 😃❤️❤️

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  2. Honestly whatever makes you happy! Post whatever you want and however you want to because either way your content is SO good 💛 I’m always looking forward to a new post, a we will always support you! Maybe just do whatever fits with the recipe you made 🙂

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