Crispy chicken nuggets:(with a veg alternative)

Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! today we’ll make something that is delicious recipe for non veg lovers! If you are a veggie, then I have a substitute for you which is very common and very tasty! Here I’ll be making them with the use of homemade bread crumbs.

The mixture:

15 pieces boneless chicken( you can reduce or increase the recipe according to your requirement)

1 tsp oil

1 tsp salt, pepper and oregano

2 pieces bread

Water for soaking


. First, take the bread pieces and place them in the water(not more than 10 seconds)

. Then remove the bread and squeeze out the extra water. It would form a shape of the dough.

. Now, add it to a blender jar with the chicken pieces in batches. Then blend it little by little till it forms proper minces of chicken.Basically, we don’t want to use store bought minced chicken as we don’t want the hard texture.

. While making nuggets , we need a soft , dough like consistency. Now add it to a bowl and add the spices. Then add the oil and mix it well. You would notice that without any effort it is holding its shape properly and is not sticking.

Frying and assembling:

1/2 cup corn flakes(unflavoured)

2 -3 bread pieces

1 egg

Pinch of salt and pepper

Oil to fry


. First, add the bread pieces to the blender jar and make a powder out of it. Then blend it again with the corn flakes.

. The homemade bread crumbs are ready. Transfer it to a bowl and crack an egg in another one. Add the pinch of spice to it and beat it.

. Keep the oil in a vessel on medium flame. Grease your hands slightly with oil in case the mixture is a little sticky. Shape them in any way you want. It could be the traditional nugget shape, square, popcorn, triangles anything!

. Coat the mixture with the beaten egg and then cover it completely with the crumbs. The oil should be medium hot so that it cooks evenly from the inside.

. Fry it till it gets golden brown and remove it on a plate lined with tissue paper.

Veg alternative:

So if you want to skip non veg, then you can replace chicken, with grated tofu /paneer and egg with a runny mixture of all purpose flour and water.

. Serve it with ketchup/mayonnaise/cheese spread!

Let me know in the comments how you liked the recipe and if you have any suggestions , requests or doubts, feel free to ask!


18 thoughts on “Crispy chicken nuggets:(with a veg alternative)

  1. I’ve never tried making bread crumbs at home! This recipe seems so delicious and simple to try! 😃 Can’t wait to try it some time!! 🙂
    Even tho I eat chicken, this seems fun to try with paneer 🤔… Great idea!

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