Happy birthday mom❤

It is my mom’s birthday today, and we had the best time !

My sister , my dad and I planned a surprise for my mom that was 100% successful… My sister surprised my mom by being on the doorstep from college!

The day started with a special breakfast prepared by me. It was masala Chai with aaloo parantha…

In the afternoon we ordered from outside and then was a grooming session by my sister and I..

We cut the cake and then went for dinner in Taj.

My mom did not want caramel or praline in her Butterscotch cake, so I just used the essence. I also got new cake toppers along with butterfly cake toppers.

Using them I made this cake with an ombre effect and gold leaf. Here is the result!


23 thoughts on “Happy birthday mom❤

  1. SMiLes Little Chef Aarushi
    Happy Birthday to Your Mom
    And She is So Gifted to Receive

    Such A Lovely Colorful Butterscotch

    Cake From Her Great Cook Daughter

    Hehe All i Got
    Is Just


    Cake Tonight

    Yet It’s The First Time
    i’ve Had Any Cake in A while
    So i’m Surely Not Complaining

    Yet i Might Just Ask For Butterscotch

    For my Birthday on June 6th, If my Wife Is Willing
    Or the

    Store of
    Course Hehe…
    And 62 Candles
    Is A Lot She Might
    Have to Special Order
    Them From ‘Amazon’ HAha..;)

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  2. What a WONDERFUL tribute to your mother! She is blessed to have such loving daughters, but could not have this except that she must be a wonderful example and teacher and loving mother to the two of you.
    “At the end, only two things really matter to a man [woman], regardless of who he [she] is, and they are the affection and understanding of his [her] family.” Admiral Richard Byrd

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