Gurgaon trip!

Hi everyone! It has been a long time and the reason was school at first and then holidays which we spent in Gurgaon( my native)

It was so much fun and we explored so many different cafes, bakeries, malls and street shopping.

It was truly a bliss and 21 days flew by just like a second!

Looking back, I have so many more memories now and different types of cuisines that I tried. I will be back with a recipe soon !

Here is a glimpse of my trip:

I will be back with a recipe soon! And, for a larger view of the trip, check out my instagram page!

Since it’s been long, let me know in the comments, all that you did in these past few months…


10 thoughts on “Gurgaon trip!

  1. Gurgaon, The City in India
    Built By Corporations and
    Maintained That Way As

    Well A Bit of a Step

    Into the Western

    World of Luxuries

    Amazing All the Delicacies

    About All Around Such A Lovely
    Area Indeed Dear Little Chef Aarushi
    Hope You Are Enjoying School as Well As Vacation

    i Can’t Complain Considering i Haven’t Had to Work
    For Pay in 14 Years Now Staycation it is With SMiLes

    Nice to
    See You
    Back on
    Wordpress too…

    Having Chicken
    Adobe Tonight
    Looking Forward
    to More of Your Recipes soon
    to Share of Course With my Wife..:)

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