My food adventures in Maldives!!

Hello everyone!!! It has been a wonderful past week along with so many adventures and food experiences..I thought I’ll share them with you since it was incredibly exciting and delicious!

When we entered the resort, Brennia Kottefaru, Maldives, we were welcomed with a drink that totally refreshed us.

They had an À la carte restaurant, a separate buffet restaurant and a place where they served all kinds of cocktails and mocktails.

In the buffet restaurant, I had different types of assorted cheese, ham, roasted chicken, tuna fish, amazing and delicious pasta and I could go on….

The desserts had finely decorated pastries, choux pastries, so many different kinds of gateaux, desserts in a glass, ice creams etc….

For breakfasts there are all types of puff pastries, croissants, cut fruits, pancakes, waffles, omelets, muffins etc…

In evenings right before dinner we would sit for a long time in the drinks area and try so many new kinds of the same!! I tried mojitos, cranberry and pineapple flavoured drinks, cold coffees, iced teas and milkshakes!!

It was truly great and the view from our room door was just mesmerizing.. the beach, the activities, the exploration of the resort was wonderful and I loved this trip way too much.

That is all for this post and I hope you liked it..Let me know your thought in the comments.

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Question of the day:

What is your most memorable and favourite trip that you took till date?


13 thoughts on “My food adventures in Maldives!!

  1. Ahhh Maldivesssss😭 It’s my dream place to visit but I still haven’t. I can’t wait to gooo! And omlll the foood🤤🤤🤤….it’s so damn tempting and even your room view is so pleasant! Looks like you had an amazing vacation!!🤍

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  2. Mocktails Indeed Appropriate

    For Little Chef Teens i Must

    Say i Am Guilty

    of Looking

    For ‘The Main
    Dish’ Yet of Course

    Such A Healthy Vegetarian

    Way of Life mY FRiEnD And
    Hehe Finally You Get A Day off

    From Cooking in Vacation Land

    Diving Into the Maldives

    For Such


    And Beautiful Beaches

    SMiLes mY FRiEnD Fortunately

    For me Seeded in a Real Paradise

    of Florida Emerald Gulf Coast Beaches

    With Sugar White Sands And Even

    Creeks and Rivers With

    Sugar Side Sands

    i Live Deep

    In the Forest

    In A Real Garden

    Of Eden Neighborhood

    It’s All Staycation Here my

    FRiEnD it’s Why i Only Travel

    Far Online Fitting All 242 Pounds

    of ‘Main Dish Eater’ Into this Fiber Optic
    Cable at Close to the Speed of Life (Love) plus

    i Am A Real Freddy The Freeloader CheapSkate
    too Haha Yes

    Just A Dance
    And Song


    Yes i Carry A Flow
    of Staycation Now
    Everywhere i Go
    My Wife Says i am
    Practically A Portable
    Disney World Yet Vacationing
    She May Assess As Easier than
    The Staycation For Her for the Last 32 Years HAha

    Bring the
    Beach Home
    Within too With SMILes..:)

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