Mom, sister bake for my birthday! The teen behind the screen!

Welcome to Little Chef’s Celebration! Today is my birthday and I turned 14!! It was really fun even though it was in partial lockdown.

This was a second quarantine birthday and I think it is an experience in itself. We had loads of fun and we even have a 3 day celebration with the fancy breakfast, lunch and dinner. This was yesterday, today and will be tomorrow.

My mom makes delicious food and I always love what she prepares for me.

I wasn’t allowed to see the cake until I cut it but now that I have the pictures, I’ll share them with you 🙂

My mom baked the base cake and layered it with ganache as I love chocolate truffle cake. My sister decorated the cake after it was layered. The recipe is the same as what I made for my sister’s birthday and if you missed it out, here is the link :


It was great and I loved it so much. Here are the pictures :

Fancy meals

Here are some pictures for the fancy meals we ate and they were incredibly delicious.

My mom also made chicken and tomorrow, we will be eating amazing food as well!

# ThisOrThat

Also, I would like to thank Siya, another blogger who nominated me for the “this or that tag.” I thought this would be the perfect post to tell you something about me! Here is her blog link and do check it out!


1.Phone Call or Text? – Phone Call
2. Morning or Evening? – Evening
3. Apartment or House? – Apartment
4. Day or Night? – Night
5. While doing something: Music or Podcasts? – Music

6. Rain or Snow? – Snow
7. Cake or Pie? – Cake
8. Swimming or Sunbathing? – Sunbathing
9. Comedy or Horror? – Comedy
10. Big Party or Small Gathering? – Small gathering

11. New Clothes or New Phone? – New Clothes
12. Flowers or Trees? – Flowers
13. Nice Car or Nice Home Interior? – Nice Home Interior
14. Phone or Computer? – Computer

15. Milk or Juice? – Juice
16. Blue or Grey? – Blue
17. Fruits or Vegetables? – Fruits
18. Roses or Daisies? – Daisies
19. Money or Fame? – Money
20. Receive: Email or Letter? – Letter
21. Mountains or Beaches? – Beaches
22. Cinderella or Elsa? – Cinderella
23. Iron Man or Captain America? – Iron man

24. Singing or Dancing? – Dancing
25. Cats or Dogs? – Dogs
26. Cleaning or Cooking? – Cooking
27. Winter or Summer? – Summer
28. Sweater or Hoodie? – Hoodie
29. Save or Spend? – Spend
30. Meat or Vegetables? – Meat

Question of the day!

What is that one meal that you would eat on your birthday? Something too special and too delicious to be eaten on regular days? Something that suits only a birthday occasion?

I hope you guys liked this and let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you have any experiences to share , do let me know! Bye for today.


79 thoughts on “Mom, sister bake for my birthday! The teen behind the screen!

  1. Happy Birthday Aarushi! Wish you the greatest happiness on this auspicious day. You’re my 1st friend found in my blogging journey. I hope we always stand together and share our experiences. Sending you lots of love 💝

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  2. And yeah.. The answer to your question is that ‘Chocolate Birthday Cake’ is something that suites only on birthdays. Cakes with other flavours are really not meant for birthdays but for other occasions.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Happy birthday Aarushi! Today in my head the wishes for 2 births will be wanted. I.e. Yours and my blog sites!!!!
    Its even the birthday for one of our family members!
    Well enjoy the day! Well, its night now, so have a good birthday night’s sleep!😅

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  4. Happy Birthday! Aarushi
    I wish you the delights of being a youngster as you start to discover much more. Your enthusiasm and your abilities towards your blog are fascinating.
    Hope you achieve every height you wish for.

    “Chole bhature” are my favorite.
    Sometimes I eats Choco truffle cake without any reason…

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  5. A very happy birthday for yesterday. The cake and the food look fabulous. How awesome was this? – Extremely. And well done on being nominated for the This and That Tag 😊


  6. Aww happy belated 14th birthdayyy! We’re the same age noww!😂❤
    That food loooks awfully deliciouusss…I just wanna dig in!🤤
    And, good answers in the ThisOrThat. 🙂
    Coming to the question of the day, I’ll always choose something special for a birthday occasion…something very fancy!😂

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  7. Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day. Wish you greater years ahead. 🥰
    I’ve been telling myself that I need to return to your site to savor your cookings. You dish those cookings faster than I can handle them. 😊

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  8. Belated happy birthday ! Its look like you enjoyed your birthday very much and cake look fantastic. Mine birthday also went on 2nd and I ate lava cake. And one meal I liked to eat always is spaghettis with red pasta sauce.

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