Vacation series: episode #11: Creativity contest!

Welcome to Little Chef’s Contest! Today, I planned to do something completely different!

I thought it would be fun if I host a contest here. And, I know that as it is lockdown everywhere, getting the ingredients to make something for the contest would be very hard. Which is why, this is a creativity contest!


In this contest, you need to think of a very creative name for a recipe of my own. You need to come up with a short, crisp, attractive name for the same.


· Starting from today, the last date is after 5 days at 2nd June.

·       The title must be in English/Hindi.

·       You need to mail it to me here with your full name and your blog URL if you have any.

· You can use a family member’s gmail ID as well but the name should be of the participant only.

·       Only one entry( one title ) is allowed per person.

·       There will only be one winner

·       The title will be judged on the basis of how attractive it is, if it has a sense of emotion, If it is easy to understand.

The result will be released on 3rd June.

Here is a brief explanation of the recipe idea so you can come with a title:

So the recipe’s title that needs to be thought about is a recipe of jalebi cookies. I thought to make a fusion recipe of India and international. It is an orange looking cookie with the flavours of jalebi. It was a thick batter piped in a swirl to give the look of jalebi. They are infused with the flavour of saffron and cardamom but are crisp like a cookie. If you have any doubts related to the recipe, make sure to ask me in the comments.


If you have a blog, then the day the results are announced, I will feature your blog URL in the post for more engagement on your site.

Another thing is that, the winner would receive a detailed video of the recipe mentioned above with exact measurements. The video is already filmed and would be shared personally.

Note: This recipe will not be posted in further posts.

If you have any doubts, then feel free to ask me. Also, let me know how you liked this idea and your thoughts. I hope you participate and I can’t wait to read the creative titles! Bye, and see you in a few days!









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