Vacation series: episode#2 : Chocolate glass dessert!

Welcome to Little Chef chef! Today we will make something that is extremely delicious and can satisfy you if you are craving chocolate. I wanted to try a dessert and this recipe seemed perfect. I hope you like it to as much as I did.


2 tbsp corn flour

1 cup milk

1 tsp coffee powder

2 tbsp sugar

2 tsp cocoa powder

1/2 cup chopped dark chocolate

1 cup chocolate cookies/biscuits


First crush the biscuits find it in a blender jar and keep aside. If you want you can use home-made cookies as well.

Then add milk to a saucepan and let it come to a boil add corn flour in a bowl and also mix in cocoa this mixture add some of the hot milk that was boiling and make a lump free batter.

Add this to the milk boiling in the saucepan and stir continuously or it may permanently form lumps. When it is thick and its coating the spatula with a thin layer, add in sugar and coffee dissolved in a teaspoon of milk.

Switch off the flame and add the dark chocolate. The chocolate would melt with the heat of the custard.

Now take any glasses which are preferably small.this recipe makes exactly four small glasses. Melt some chocolate and dip the rim of the glass into the chocolate . After that coat it well with some biscuit powder.

Now add a layer of powdered biscuits and then an even layer of custard. Repeat until the glass is almost full. Make sure that the top layer is the custard.

Garnish with some melted chocolate and refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours for the custard to set. decorate the plate with a drip of chocolate and biscuit crumbs and serve cold!

I hope you guys like this recipe and do let me know in the comments. Also let me know for any doubts ,questions or suggestions. If you would like to see any particular recipe also let me know.

Question of the day:

Are you a chocolate lover? If yes then what is your favourite all time chocolate dessert? If you aren’t, then what is your favourite flavour in desserts?


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