I have a tiny announcement to make…..

Hey everyone! Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! Today we won’t be cooking or baking anything. I wanted to inform something to you about which I have been researching a lot.

Here it is:

I am starting a newsletter!!!

you only have to spare 1 minute to let me know you’re interested and to do so is very simple! All you have to do is,

Leave a comment in any one of my posts or this one would be the easiest. Let me know in the comment that you would like to receive my newsletter and write down your email address on which I would send it!

Let me explain it a little to you so you will know about all the fun interactions and challenges I have planned!

What is it basically and what would it have?

  • It would all be related to cooking and baking and fun topics that we would talk about.
  • It could have plenty things where there is something that you wouldn’t find in my posts at all!
  • There would be some common mistakes you could make or about fixing some fails in the kitchen.
  • There could be some hacks that I discovered in these months and interactions about your cooking lifestyles and interests.
  • There would be many things where I explain a few incidents or learning’s that I discovered on my own. Every word that you would read would purely be my experience!
  • Each news letter would have a tiny challenge at the end and it would be super fun if you attempt to it!

How frequently would you receive it?

You would receive it once a week in your inbox and the sending would be uniform. The day I send out the first newsletter, would be all the days in the coming weeks when you receive it.

What would be the difference between my blog post and the news letter?

  • A post in my case is just the ingredients and recipe directions. But a newsletter would be something that is more interactive.
  • It wouldn’t always be set in stone with the recipe and it could be about anything related to cooking and baking.

Why should you sign-up?

  • Signing up it’s totally your call but I can assure you that there would be a lot of interaction when you would reply to the newsletter.
  • It would be a new way for us to get to know each other better and to form new fellowship over blogging!

Either comment to sign up or email me here!


I hope you guys would think about it and let me know in the comments section. you can also contact me through the blog next to the homepage.Let me know for any feedback, suggestions or requests!


37 thoughts on “I have a tiny announcement to make…..

    1. Yes, the first once came out on last Saturday and the next one tomorrow. Would you like to sign up?🙂 just let me know your email or contact me through the email given in the post!


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