Happy anniversary mom and dad❤

Hello everyone! Today is my parent’s anniversary and I made a cake for them 🙂

They like everything very simple so they asked me for a vanilla cake.

It is the same recipe I used for my dad’s birthday last year.. I always use this recipe as it works wonders each time!!

So I thought to just share the idea of the decorations and pictures.. So I was going for a more elegant and bouquet look..

I used colour to create an ombre effect and used the same technique with the flowers on top.

Since the cake flavour is basic, I added white chocolate ganache to create a drip effect..

Here are some final pics:

I hope you guys liked this and I will see you in a few days! Happy anniversary mom and dad 🙂

Question of the day:

What flavour of cake do you like best on your birthday?


32 thoughts on “Happy anniversary mom and dad❤

  1. You Are Such A Sweet Young
    Woman Little Chef to Bake

    Such A Beautiful Cake

    For Your Parent’s


    So Much Love

    And Respect Showing

    Through Every Delicious

    Taste And my Wife Definitely

    Agrees You Are A Treasure of A
    Little Chef All Around

    Such a Bright

    Young Woman

    Enough for Someone

    Like me to Gain Hope

    For a Better Global Future With
    Young Generation Z Folks Just Like You….

    i Had to Ask My Local Chef What my Favorite

    Birthday Cake Is as She Keeps Track of All the

    Menu, Accounting, And Household Volunteer Duties

    So Traditionally

    Free She Chooses

    To Love Just me

    Most Every


    Dream of Course…
    Anyway She Reminded
    me “Humming Bird Cake” Is

    My Favorite BD Cake and When She
    Said Those Words All the Rich Taste

    Soaking the Memory of my Tongue my FRiEnD

    True though i Think More in Words of Song

    MuSiC is My SoUL

    So Much


    Than Food

    Or Really Anything
    Else Yet the Free Dance

    That Brings the Free SonG oF SoUL

    i Suggest A Favorite Song of Mine to
    Listen to So Uplifting Eternally So Light of Spirit

    my FRiEnD Sure Why Not i’ll Even Play it For You

    “Humming Bird” By Seals And Crofts Ages Ago at Close to

    Your Age HeaR hehe Unless Your Spam Folder Captures the


    And this

    Very Long

    SoUL Poem

    Inspired by
    You Young Little Chef FRiEnD..:)


  2. Bonjour mon Ami Amie JOLI GATEAU

    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Comme l’eau s’offre à la terre
    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Comme la terre offre des fleurs
    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Comme l’arbre donne des fruits
    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Comme l’eau s’offre au sable
    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Comme un bébé vient de naitre
    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Car la tienne compte beaucoup pour moi.
    Bonne semaine. Gros bisous.


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